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Join Matanuska Glacier Helicopters for Helicopter Tours ranging from Relaxed Aerial Glacier Sightseeing to an Advanced Fly-In Trekking or Ice Climbing Expedition. The choice is yours.  Matanuska Glacier Helicopters helps you see the Matanuska Valley in all of it’s glory.  The Matanuska Glacier stretches 27 miles into the mountain, and we don’t want you to miss out on an inch of it.  From the air you can see the glacier, the surrounding mountain passes, and Alaska’s majestic wildlife.  Matanuska Glacier Helicopters brings together the highly trained guides from MICA Guides and the best Alaska aviation professionals to make this tour a must do when traveling to Glacier View, about 2 hours NE of Anchorage.

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Let Matanuska Glacier Helicopters treat you to an aerial view of the Matanuska Glacier, the Matanuska River, and the Peaks of the Surrounding Mountain Range.  Book your Tour, and prepare to be in awe. We are a short drive from Anchorage, with a beautiful scenic drive the whole way here. We can take you up for 25 minute flights, or we can fly you in to an incredible hiking experience.  We want to make this flight one of the best experiences of your life, so Book Online or call us at  (907) 351-7587

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Guided by MICA Guides, Flown by Alaska Professionals

MICA Guides Alaska Tours

MICA Guides is part of the Exposure Alaska family of companies providing a variety of Guided Tours in Alaska, including Glacier Hiking, Ice Climbing, Trekking Expeditions, Kayaking Trips, Zipline Adventures, and more.  MICA Guides accommodates all levels of tours, from Scenic Hikes to Multi-Week Expeditions through the wilderness.

We only fly with the best!  The most experienced pilots with the best helicopters.  We may partner with different flight operators depending on the location and the mission but they’re all licensed, insured, and experienced in Alaska aviation.

We want you to see the Matanuska Valley the right way, from the sky.  The immense scale of the glacier can only be truly realized from the seat of our helicopters.  Guided by MICA Guides, one of the most popular Guiding companies in Alaska, our helicopter tours have the best local information from people experienced in hiking, climbing and mountaineering. All of our guides and pilots are rigorously trained and prepared to make your tour as good as it gets.

Matanuska Glacier News

Best Kept Secret: Fourth of July in Glacier View

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Have fourth of July plans yet?  Escape the crowds of the big city and experience a truly Alaskan celebration in the quaint, glacier-side town of Glacier View, Alaska!  Hidden in the Matanuska Valley about 2 hours North East of Anchorage, Glacier View has an abundance of Alaskan adventures just waiting to be had on this upcoming Independence Day!   Rather than the typical fireworks display, Glacier View has a slightly different tradition to celebrate the fourth.  How does watching a car being launched off a three-hundred foot cliff right next to the Matanuska River sound?  What about a flyover [...]

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Glaciology 101: What is a Glacier?

By |June 11th, 2019|Categories: Exploring Alaska, Glaciology, Matanuska Glacier Helicopters, Matanuska Glacier Information|Tags: , , , |

Did you know that there are over 100,000 glaciers in Alaska? They cover about 5% of the state, that's roughly the size of West Virginia. Visiting a glacier is an Alaskan must do to better understand Glaciology! Lucky for you, only about two and a half hours north of Anchorage lies the Matanuska Glacier, the longest glacier accessible by car. Beginning at the highest mountain in the Chugach Range, Mt. Marcus Baker, the Matanuska is over 26 miles long and 4 miles wide.  Staring at this incredible landscape you may have questions like: What exactly is a glacier? or, [...]

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Tips for Experiencing Alaska Without the Crowds

By |June 11th, 2019|Categories: Alaska Camping, Alaska Guided Tours, Exploring Alaska, Glacier View Activities|Tags: , , , |

According to the  Alaska Travel Industry Association and the Alaska Department of Commerce, nearly 1.8 million people were experiencing Alaska last summer. With the number of visitors rising every year for the last decade, planning a trip to the ‘Last Frontier’ may feel daunting, but there is good news! There are plenty of ways to explore this vast beautiful state without the crowds.  Here are some tips to get you started. 1. Take to the Skies Three, two, one lift-off! Leave all of the crowds on the ground as you get up close and personal with Alaska’s incredible landscape [...]

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