Frequently Asked Questions

Matanuska Glacier Helicopters

How do I get to you from Anchorage? 

Take the Glenn Hwy (Route 1) towards Glenallen. At the Glenn Highway/Parks Highway junction (mile 35) be sure to exit the 4-lane highway (East) to the right to stay on the Glenn Hwy heading towards Palmer. Do NOT go towards Wasilla. Continue on the Glenn Hwy through Palmer (mile 42), Sutton (mile 62) and Chickaloon (Mile 76) then keep driving another 20+ miles.

What is the weather like on the Matanuska glacier? 

Weather on the Matanuska varies from day to day. In general, it is about 5-10 degrees cooler down on the glacier. There is no accurate forecast for the area, so don’t worry about checking the weather ahead of time. The weather can and does change quickly so we recommend being prepared for rain and sunshine, warm and cool temperatures.

What should I wear?

Quick dry or hiking pants and extra warm layers are suggested. Long pants are required.  Even if it is not raining, we suggest that you bring rain gear as the weather can change any time. Wear thick socks that come up over the ankle and your own hiking boots that come above the ankle if on a MICA Guides trip, regular hiking boots if on a Sheep Mountain Air trip. Also bring snacks, water and a small daypack if you have one.

My child will be going on a trip with someone else. How can I sign the waiver?

All minors must have a parent or legal guardian sign their waiver. If the minor will not be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian on the day of the trip, the waiver can be filled out prior to the trip and emailed to us. You can find the waiver here.

What are the chances of seeing wildlife?

Very high. We often see moose and bear.  We have both black and grizzly bears in the area. Moose tend to prefer lower slopes and the river bed where we often see them feeding on fireweed and alder.

Who sits where in the helicopter?

The pilot balances the helicopter based on the weight and number of passengers. We cannot make any promises for specific seats because safety cannot be compromised. If you have a preference ask the pilot and they will try to accommodate you.

What if my tour is canceled due to weather?

We are frequently assessing the weather. If we think it is unsafe, we will not fly. In the event that weather improves during the day, we may change the departure time, so it’s good to be flexible in your plans. If you cannot wait or reschedule and have to cancel a flight because of weather we will refund 100% of your trip. If you have booked through a travel agent we will refund the agent who will in turn refund you.