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Matanuska Glacier Helicopters offers Helicopter Tours from Sheep Mountain Air, with Glacier Landing Activities from MICA Guides. Ranging from Relaxed Aerial Glacier Sightseeing to an Advanced Fly-In Trekking or Ice Climbing Expedition, the choice is yours.  Matanuska Glacier Helicopters helps you see the Matanuska Valley in all of it’s glory.  The Matanuska Glacier stretches 27 miles into the mountain, and we don’t want you to miss out on an inch of it.  From the air you can see the glacier, the surrounding mountain passes, and Alaska’s majestic wildlife.  Matanuska Glacier Helicopters brings together the highly trained guides from MICA Guides and the best Alaska helicopter professionals from Sheep Mountain Air to make these tours a must do when traveling to Glacier View, about 2 hours NE of Anchorage. We also offer Winter Tour Options

Matanuska Glacier Tours

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Sheep Mountain Air

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Alaska Helicopter Tours

Glacier Overnight Adventure

Spend the night out on a glacier in luxury.  Fly out and camp in comfort and style.

Sheep Mountain Helicopter

Helicopter Explorer

Take a Helicopter to the Glacier.  3 hours on white ice.

Ultimate Helicopter Glacier Tour

Spend 6-7 hours on ice, after taking a scenic flight out on a Helicopter.

Ice Climbing with Helicopter

Helicopter Ice Climbing

Spend 3-4 hours on ice, while taking a direct flight to the climbing.

Matanuska Glacier Helicopter Tour

Take a flight and explore the glacier from the air. FLIGHT ONLY

Blue Pool Landing Alaska

Glacier Helicopter Landing

Take the express lane to Matanuska Glacier. 30 minutes in the air and 15 minutes on ice.

Heli Landing in Alaska

Glacier Flight and Hiking

Fly out and Hike the Matanuska Glacier for 45 minutes.

Bucket List Helicopter Experience

Let us know what you want out of your 1.5 hour helicopter and glacier activity.

Matanuska Glacier Helicopters and Hikes

Let Matanuska Glacier Helicopters coordinate an aerial view of the Matanuska Glacier, the Matanuska River, and the Peaks of the Surrounding Mountain Range.  Book your Tour, and prepare to be in awe. We are a short drive from Anchorage, with a beautiful scenic drive the whole way here. Sheep Mountain Air can take you up for 25 minute flights, or land you on the glacier to join MICA Guides for an incredible hiking experience.  We want to make this flight one of the best experiences of your life, so Book Online or call us at  (907) 351-7587

Guided by MICA Guides, Flown by Alaska Professionals

MICA Guides is part of the Exposure Alaska family of companies providing a variety of Guided Tours in Alaska, including Glacier Hiking, Ice Climbing, Trekking Expeditions, Kayaking Trips, Zipline Adventures, and more.  MICA Guides accommodates all levels of tours, from Scenic Hikes to Multi-Week Expeditions through the wilderness.

We only fly with the best!  The most experienced pilots with the best helicopters.  We may partner with different flight operators depending on the location and the mission but they’re all licensed, insured, and experienced in Alaska aviation.

We want you to see the Matanuska Valley the right way, from the sky.  The immense scale of the glacier can only be truly realized from the seat of our helicopters.  Guided by MICA Guides, one of the most popular Guiding companies in Alaska, our helicopter tours have the best local information from people experienced in hiking, climbing and mountaineering. All of our guides and pilots are rigorously trained and prepared to make your tour as good as it gets.

Matanuska Glacier News

Helicopters: A Brief History

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Aerodynamics of Helicopters Today, when it comes to traveling by air thermals, we can experience and learn about many different modes of transportation. From airplanes, to hot air balloons, to your favorite UFO story, aerial travel has progressed over the years for various reasons. Many of the aircrafts we use for travel and luxury experiences today come from the ideas of early innovators. As humanity expanded, explored, and went to war, engineers and their respective counterparts were able to create a new way to travel; an aircraft that could move in any direction, the helicopter. [...]

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The Katabatic and Anabatic Winds of Alaska

By |June 19th, 2024|Categories: Exploring Alaska, Glaciology, Matanuska Glacier Information|Tags: , , , , |

Alaskan Winds Alaska is known for its vast and wild landscapes, and often times, the weather patterns that accompany these awe-inspiring spaces. From alpine storms to the Anabatic and Katabatic winds, these weather cycles mirror the contrasting elemental changes on the ground. As the seasons and environment change, so do the thermal air currents. In Alaska where opposites often meet, like the cold air that condenses near glaciers and the warm air rising from nearby mountain valleys, you can see, feel, and hear the shift of the air currents. These affects are most predominant during season [...]

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Taking Flight

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How Alaska Helicopters Fly When it comes to traveling, some prefer the method of taking flight. When it comes to traversing the air, there are a few different ways to navigate. Some engineering, like airplanes and gliders, operate with stationary wings. Other modes of navigation, like hot air balloons and zeppelins, use the changing of gases to find lift. So what sets helicopters apart from these other aircrafts? A few things; they use rotation, moveable wings, and differing dynamics of how lift is achieved so they can quickly and swiftly take flight. [...]

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