Helicopter Explorer Tour

You’ll be far from the crowds at the front of the glacier. With over 20 years of experience guiding Alaska’s glacier ice and backcountry guidance, the professionals at MICA Guides and helicopter transportation by way of Sheep Mountain Air, you’ll be supported by expertise and local knowledge.

A minimum of 2 people and up to 3 people can ride per flight. No guest can weigh more than 300lbs. Combined weight of guests (not including pilot) must not exceed 675 pounds*

Explore the Matanuska Glacier

Take flight and enjoy the sprawling views of the Matanuska Valley from a helicopter and land onto a unique glacier experience!

MICA Guides Alaska Tours

Flying out helps to save energy for exploring the glacier’s ice and experience a helicopter landing, right on the glacier itself. The passenger seat views will leave you mesmerized with the natural beauty that Alaska has to offer and some off the best photographic opportunities. This helicopter tour brings you directly to the best ice features and some of the most remote locations on the Matanuska Glacier.

Lift Off

You’ll start by getting geared up and meeting with professional guides in Glacier View and receive a VIP escort to the launch pad just down the road. Soon, you’ll find yourself soaring over some of the most breath taking scenery and get a chance to spot wildlife below. Each individual seat offers a full window view and a personal headset, so everyone is in the best seat for this flight.

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After some breathtaking airtime your pilot will land you right onto the glacier ice after offering local knowledge and sightings you might have on the ride over. Once there you will be able to enjoy an advanced trek and be supported with equipment and knowledge from your personal glacier crew. This experience packs your day with adventure, exploration, exposure to simple rope systems, and a chance to connect more fully with Alaska’s amazing features. And on the flight back, enjoy the majesty of Alaska’s golden hours sprawling across the landscape and ice.

What to Expect

Gear up, buckle in, take in the sights, and onto the ice. This tour incorporates an advanced trek in the experience so that means your guides will be using rope systems to bring you into moulins, look over crevasses, and create epic photo opportunities. Bringing you to the remote areas of the glacier means getting to experience some of these guides favorite features. Additionally, the backcountry of the glacier provides some of the best lunch spots around.

This tour includes:

3 hours on the ice

Professional ice guides offer rope assisted adventure

Scenic flight over Matanuska Valley

* Minimum Age is 12 years old *

Tours are subject to weather cancellations, this is unlikely but possible.
All guests are weighed prior to flight.  Guests over the weight limit may be allowed to join the trip if space allows. There will be a $100 additional fee when applicable. There is the ability to customize and specialize this tour. Call us at (907) 351-7587  or visit our Contact Us page with any questions you may have.