Matanuska Glacier Landing Tour

Matanuska Glacier Tour with Landing

Step out of the helicopter and onto the Matanuska Glacier in a spot inaccessible by any other means. After taking in some of the most breath taking panoramic views of the Matanuska Valley this tour lands you directly onto the Matanuska Glacier’s ice. You’ll be far from the crowds on your own exclusive experience with professional guides.

The tour gives you an aerial view of the glacier and the surrounding valleys and canyons.  Sheep Mountain flies you for approximately 20 minutes and your pilot will help you navigate and enjoy 10 minutes on the ice. If you want more time on the glacier choose from our Glacier Flight and Hiking option or the Helicopter Explorer, in partnership with MICA Guides

* A minimum of 2 people and up to 3 people can ride. No guest can weigh more than 300lbs. Combined weight of guests (not including pilot) must not exceed 675 pounds*

What to Expect?

This tour offers time in the sky with your helicopter pilot. Everyone gets their own headset and full window perspective to take in the epic views. With your headsets you can learn about the area and features from your pilot and be able to ask questions and hear clear responses during flight.

After taking in the grandeur of volcanic plugs, a glacially carved valley, jagged mountains, and the sprawling river of ice below, you’ll get to land right onto the ice, far from the front of the glacier. Have your camera ready and pop on your micro spikes as your pilot shows you some of the best features on the glacier.

This exclusive tour includes:

Check In at Sheep Moutain Lodge

Priority boarding on the helicopter

20 minutes in the sky + 10 minutes on the ice

Micro spikes

Photography and memory making opportunities

**Pro Hiking Tip – Hiking on ice is very different than on land. If you prefer to stay in your own shoes, make sure they’re above ankle supported hiking boots. If yours aren’t, just ask us and we can provide them for you!

* Minimum age 12 years old & minimum of 2 guests to fly *