Ultimate Matanuska Glacier Helicopter Adventure

Looking for a more extreme adventure? Get ready to experience Matanuska Glacier like never before on the Ultimate Matanuska Glacier Helicopter Adventure!

Explore by air, then land directly on the ice to the adventure of your choice. This trip offers time take in scenic views, adventure on the ice, and maybe even capture some amazing photography along the way.

A minimum of 2 people and up to 3 people can ride per flight. No guest can weigh more than 300lbs. Combined weight of guests (not including pilot) must not exceed 675 pounds*

This trip gets you to the very best features on the Matanuska Glacier.

MICA Guides Alaska ToursMaybe you want to hike across the ice and take your time reveling in the beauty of the ice? Or, perhaps you’ve always wanted to try ice climbing? You might like to check out the depths of a crevasse or peer into a crystal clear blue glacial pool? All of these possibilities are yours!

Your can customize this tour based on your preferences. Plus, you’ll have your own team of professional guides to help ensure safe glacier travel and help you get acquainted with the gear and new skills. If you are an adventure seeker, looking to experience the absolute best of this glacier, this is your chance to spend some extended time on the ice! Be prepared to go home with epic adventure photographs and extraordinary memories.Sheep Mountain Logo

Along with touring the glacier, the Ultimate also includes a scenic flight over the Matanuska River and nearby mountain peaks, as well as searching for wildlife with 30 minutes of flight time!

Helicopter Flights are provided by Sheep Mountain Air.

What to Expect?

Your tour includes 30 minutes in the helicopter with a scenic flight over the river, peaks, and valley glacier. below

Every guest is provided a personal headset for narration during your flight. No need to worry about seat placement, all seats in the helicopter have spectacular views out the side or straight ahead through the windshield. Each passenger seat has a full sized window to fit each door so their are ample viewing opportunities.

**Pro Helicopter Tip – Light colors on the inside of the helicopter will reflect off of the windows. In order to have the best view and picture perfect moments, wear dark colored clothing for your flight and don’t forget your camera!!

After the helicopter tour, you will touch down onto the glacier with your professional guide, where you will travel using crampons and ropes to maneuver around the glorious Matanuska Glacier.

This exclusive tour includes:

VIP Check In at MICA Guides Base

Priority boarding on the helicopter

Private glacier adventure catered to your group

**Pro Hiking Tip – Hiking on ice is very different than on land. If you prefer to stay in your own shoes, make sure they’re above ankle supported hiking boots. If yours aren’t, just ask us and we can provide them for you!

* Minimum age 12 years old *