Matanuska Glacier Overnight Tour

Imagine spending all day exploring magnificent features of blue glacier ice. Simultaneously, in the most remote and private areas of the Matanuska Glacier. First, taking in scenic views from the helicopter passenger seat as you soar over the valley onto the ice, far from the crowds. Your professional ice guides then lead you to their favorite locations on this 27 mile long valley glacier. In contrast to the other explorations offered on the glacier, this one becomes quite different with a glacier overnight experience on the ice!

Matanuska glacier features

A view under the surface of a glacial lake

 From Dusk to Dawn

The ice adventure during the day is up to you. Explore and build on your ice climbing skills or take in the beauties with a trek around glacial features. Perfect picture opportunities are infinite out there. Be sure to check out the options you have with the activities MICA Guides provides. Typically this is where a day on the ice would end, not with this glacier overnight tour.

Enjoy the sunset or glow of the midnight sun with drinks and a bonfire on the ice. As you warm up and wind down your guides will prepare a hot and delicious meal to be enjoyed. There are a few sleeping accommodation options with this tour. They range from a luxurious canvas tent with plush bedding to a simple tent with sleeping pad and bag.

After a good nights sleeping on the glacier you will wake up to a brilliant sunrise with a hot cup of coffee. After your guides prepare a full breakfast you will be soaring on your way back to base. This fully immersive experience is great for those looking for high adventure or maybe just a relaxing time at camp with some of the best views around.

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