The Experience of a Lifetime

In the summer of 2020 with the help and expertise of MICA Guides, Alpenglow Luxury Camping, and Matanuska Glacier Helicopters, the Glacier Overnight Adventure was created. This is a truly unique way to experience Alaska and the Matanuska Glacier. The Glacier Overnight Adventure is a remote, fly-in camp set up a few miles back on the Matanuska Glacier.

2023 Glacier Camp Bell Tent

When it all started a few years back there were backpacking tents set up on the ice. By year 3, we had three platform canvas bell tents with queen-sized beds! Since those early days in 2020, Glacier Camp has seen some major changes and improvements.  It’s become a truly luxurious experience!

Once the season kicks off in mid-May the MICA team gets to work prepping for all sorts of treks and adventures, including setting up this remote camp with semi-permanent structures. The equipment and materials that make up this camp can’t live on the glacier permanently. The early season includes many cargo flights back and forth to bring all the tents, beds, kitchen supplies, etc. back to the ice to set up camp for the summer.

Behind the scenes…

When you arrive by helicopter, the guides at camp greet you with a warm drink and/or cocktail by the fire. During the day our guides are busy moving things around to account for the fact that the ice is constantly moving and melting. Summer means long, sunny days which also means ice moves and melts quite quickly.

Your ride to Glacier Camp!

If we weren’t constantly moving things around the platforms and tents would, over the course of a few days, start to look like they were each on their own individual plateau. This is because the ice melts slower directly underneath the tent platform since it is protected from the sun. As you can imagine, this can be a time-consuming and challenging task. This keeps the crew quite busy leading up to guest arrival in the afternoon.

Glaciers are Dangerous

A few years ago the team noticed a new crevasses forming near Glacier Camp and soon a moulin began to form there as well. You can read more here about how they dealt with the dangers of keeping a camp on an ever-changing glacier. Fortunately our team is well equipped to think fast and come up with solutions to keep everyone safe.

Just like the glacier, Glacier Camp is always changing!

With each season we come up with new ways to give our clients a night to remember on the Matanuska. What started off as a dream during the quiet Covid season has grown into a full glacial hub where multiple staff live for days at a time. This is definitely the most unique experience that we offer and we are so excited to kick off another season at Glacier Camp!