Alaskan Wildlife

Alaska is well known for its spectacular wildlife both big and small.  People come from all over the world to experience the wild and grandeur of the Alaskan terrain. One of the best ways to see some of Alaska’s most sought after wildlife is via helicopter. Helicopter tours provide a unique aerial view covering more ground than you could on foot or by car.

View from helicopter flight through the Matanuska Valley

Many parts of Alaska remain untouched and in their purest natural form making it a haven for outdoor lovers everywhere. Whether you are a big birder or hoping to see a bear in its’ natural habitat, Alaska is a great place to see unique wildlife. Being above the landscape brings incredible panoramic views. In addition, the helicopter allows you to see animals that might have otherwise run off into hiding if they heard you coming on foot.

Scenic Flights

The Matanuska Valley has a rich history and abundant wildlife that can spotted during a flight with Sheep Mountain Air. Fortunately, our pilots know the valley well and will tell you about the history, landscape and help scope out wildlife on the Glacier and Mountain Scenic Tour.

Curious Black Bear wandering through a patch of snow

There is no bad view from the helicopter – every seat is a window seat! Whether you want to snap some aerial photos or just want to enjoy the view, these scenic tours will be a trip to remember. For those looking for more adventure in your day, consider the Bucket List Helicopter Tour. This tour is catered to you and involves additional exploration of the Matanuska Valley with experienced guides from Sheep Mountain Air and/or MICA Guides.

Moose, bears, sheep, and goats are among some of the wildlife spotted throughout the valley. You can read more about various wildlife found in the valley here! While we cannot promise any wildlife sightings on your flight, we are confident this will be a memorable tour with second-to-none views!