Since the last ice age Homo Sapiens have been traveling the glacial world. First, for means of migration, and now, for means of exploration. Humans crossed the ice bridge for a variety of reasons. (History) And, even within this century, much of glacier travel hasn’t exactly come with a warm and cozy setting. Till now.

Luxuries in the Sky

Yes, you can already head out to the glacier and take in scenic views from a helicopter, but it is typically limited to a day trip. Now, you can head out on the Matanuska Glacier for back to back days of ice climbing or your favorite glacier activity. Most importantly, you get to sleep on the glacier and relax with all the creature comforts.

Far away into the backcountry of the glacier, accessible only by private helicopter, is a glacier camp. Simultaneously, this glacier camp offers an experience of peace and seclusion on one of Alaska’s most breathtaking valley glaciers. And one of the finer elements is all the creature comforts that you will find.

The transportation and professional guides in itself are a luxury. Additionally, these guides are dedicated to your exclusive experience on the Matanuska Glacier. And, there is a full time support staff at base camp at all time to provide service.

Your Personal Team

Alaska glacier camping

Enjoy a top-shelf cocktail on ice at glacier camp

The team will help get you geared up, answer any questions and concerns you may have, and lead you right down the road to the heli launch pad. And Glacier View, where MICA Guides and Matanuska Glacier helicopters base out of, is only a couple hours drive from Anchorage.

The private helicopter ride out flies over some of the most stunning features on the glacier. For each person in the helicopter, a pristine view is supplied with a full sized window on each door. That means each seat becomes the perfect photography opportunity. Flying over the glacier showcases the confluences of Alaska’s quality attributes.

This flight will take you directly to your secluded glacier camp experience. Once you land on the ice the base camp team will be there to greet and welcome you. You’ll get settled with top-shelf cocktails and glacier style apr├Ęs snacks, prepared and ready for you. After meeting the team and learning the lay of the land you can get acquainted with your luxurious glacier accommodations.

Glamping Accommodations

Once you enter your Deluxe personal canvas tent you’ll be embraced with soft carpeting, slippers, and robes to envelop yourself with. And, then you can slip into your bed to take in the softness of your bedding and plush down comforters. In addition, your queen sized bed and chambers will be accompanied with chairs and room to relax within.

gourmet breakfast at glacier camp

Glacier camp offers gourmet meals from sunrise to sunset prepared at base

Want to head outside in take in the stunning views? Maybe catch crystal clear skies for star watching, bask in the midnight sun, or spot the Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky. There are warm parkas and boots provided so that you can relax around a bonfire and stroll the center of base camp in comfort.

Each morning comes with freshly brewed coffee and breakfast ready to go. And, after navigating the glacier all day you will be thrilled to come back to gourmet dinners. And most importantly, having the comfort of comradery and connection with all who make it out for the trip. Glacier travel has never been so luxurious.