The MICA Guides, the Alaska Glacier Trekking Guides, are back for the 2019 Season, and ready to help you out with our variety of helicopter tours.  Our guides are experienced Glacier Trekkers, Ice Climbers, and Wilderness Experts.  We want you to enjoy your tours as much as possible, and having our guides explain the features of the glacier is the best way to see the Matanuska Glacier.  The Matanuska Glacier is one of the best glaciers in the world to see from the air, and with its huge expanses, the MICA Guides are here to help.  Hiking and Climbing a glacier can be a dangerious and daunting task, and having experienced tour guides is one of the best ways to keep your risks mitigated.  Join Matanuska Glacier Helicopters for the 2019 season, and let us show you a glacier the best way you can see it, from above.