Want to check off some fearsome and wonderous items from your bucket list? Are you looking for an ‘off the beaten path’ Alaskan summer adventure? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some suggestions for your Alaskan Bucket List Excursion!

  1. Scenic Helicopter tour of the Matanuska Glacier with Matanuska Glacier Helicopters

Start off your Alaskan Adventure right, with a scenic Helicopter tour of the beautiful Matanuska Glacier. The Matanuska Glacier is the longest glacier accessible by car but with a 30 minute in-air flight tour, you will be able to explore the most the 25 mile long glacier. Our Heli Pilot is the best in business, and will provide you with an amazingly unique experience. Don’t forget your camera!

  1. Trek the Matanuska Glacier with MICA Guides 

Now that you have explored the Matanuska from the Heli, it’s time to explore the glacier on foot. MICA Guides, a 5-star guiding company in the Matanuska Valley, that offers two types of treks. The Ice-Fall Trek is a great chance to explore beyond the front of the glacier, and ‘dip your toes’ into glacier travel. The Advanced Trek is your opportunity to push your limits and explore the backcountry of the Matanuska Glacier, and conquer more progressive terrain.

  1. Alpenglow Luxury Camping

Relax and recharge after a full day on the Matanuska at Alpenglow Luxury Camping. Enjoy breathtaking views, while relishing in the cedar hot tub, and sipping on a local craft brew. In these canvas tents, you will find tranquility and peace, while peering out over the Matanuska Glacier and Chugach Mountains.

  1. The Ultimate Helicopter Experience with Matanuska Glacier Helicopters 

Extend your comfort zone as you head out on the Heli, ready to quell the glacier. Including a scenic tour, this Heli experience drops you off with a guide deep into the backcountry of the Matanuska. Exploring the glacier with ropes and rigs, you will find yourself in a place unlike any other, dominating the elements.

  1. Ice Climbing with MICA Guides

Take off with MICA’s professionally trained guides, and embark on an unreal ice climbing journey. Hike far back into the Matanuska, and climb features that will never be the same as they are today. Learn techniques that will last a lifetime, and jumpstart your climbing experience.

  1. Zipline Tour with Glacier View Adventures

Take a break from all that trekking, and experience a different kind of thrill, on the fastest zipline in Alaska, at Glacier View Adventures. Spend the morning or afternoon zipping through the woods, enjoying a spectacular view of the Matanuska, and maybe even catch a glimpse of some wildlife.

  1. Kayak the Prince William Sound with Exposure Alaska

Get a taste of some ‘cooler’ adventures while paddling through the Prince William Sound with Exposure Alaska. Test your boundaries, and paddle near tidal glaciers and roaring waterfalls, weaving your way around icebergs. Spend a few nights out on the sound, enjoying the natural features and grubbing on delicious camp food prepared by your Exposure Guide.

  1. ATV tour at Glacier View Adventures 

Kick up your experience with a fast moving ATV tour through the various terrain near Glacier View Adventures. Learn how to operate and whip around on the forest roads. Get your heart racing with an exciting and adventurous time out on the all terrain vehicles.

  1. Relax and De-stress with Hands Above the Rest Massage Therapy  

Finish off your busy and flourishing week with a massage from Lexi, owner of Hands Above the Rest Massage Therapy. Located seconds down the road from Glacier View Adventures, Lexi will provide you with a well needed and relaxing massage. With a steam room, and tranquil environment, you will have never felt so great.