Matanuska Luxuries

Enjoying the great outdoors of the Alaskan wilderness doesn’t have to mean sacrificing all of the creature comforts anymore. Sure, there is a time and place for tents and sleeping bags still, but there is also space for luxury camping in these pristine landscapes. Imagine being able to explore all day in the remote corners of mountains and glaciers and then find yourself enjoying the sunset from a cedar wood hot tub.

At Alpenglow Luxury Camping, in Glacier View, AK, a variety of plush and private stays are offered. This luxury camping experience offers three different luxury tent accommodations; Mountain Tents, Forest Tents, and a Glacier Overnight experience. Alpenglow is just down the road from Matanuska Glacier Helicopters and is center to many different activities. This is a quick getaway to privacy, breathtaking views, and adventure.

Alaska camping in luxury

A view from the porch of a Mountain Tent over the Matanuska Valley

Mountain Tents

The Mountain Tents provides you with views of the Matanuska Glacier all from the privacy of your 12’x14′ canvas tent with permanent cedar wood floors. A covered porch is attached with two Adirondeck chairs so you can relax and take in the spectacular views of the valley. Inside, a plush queen and twin size bed offer a relaxing stay for up to three people. The beds come with down comforters and an abundance of blankets keep you warm at night.

Forest Tents

The Forest Tents offer a more intimate space with a 10’x12′ canvas tent with permanent wood floors. These tents are situated just a short walk away into the privacy of native forests. These tents also come with a private covered porch, and with two rocking chairs. This tent offers a queen bed that can welcome up to two guests for a stay. This peaceful space offers solitude during the day and luxurious comforts of down beddings and soft linens at night.

luxury glacier camping

A deluxe tent is set up on the Matanuska for an Overnight Camping experience

Glacier Overnight Experience

A Glacier Overnight takes the extravagance of glamping from the mountain sides right on to the glacier ice of the Matanuska Glacier. A helicopter ride brings you to the remote areas of the glacier and to an unforgettable camping experience. Upgrading to a deluxe tent on the ice means having the warmth and comforts of a canvas tent and luxury amenities ready and waiting for you upon arrival.

During the day, professional guides will help you explore the ice and grab some excellent pictures. And by night, coming to relax at camp means enjoying gourmet meals, freshly made and sipping cocktails by a fire. After catching some shut eye in lush beddings it is always a pleasant surprise to welcome the morning with fresh coffee. You’ll traverse the glacier a bit more before heading back by helicopter in the afternoon.


All of these stays come with access to a few common areas. The shower and hot tub deck provides warm showers, soap, towels, and a daily sign up sheet to enjoy the cedar wood hot tub. There is a covered dining area adjacent to a lawn for games and to enjoy the fire pit. Free parking is provided and Alpenglow is just a few minutes walk from MICA Mocha, an espresso stand, which also provides wifi.

There are flushing toilets just a couple minutes walk away as well as a traditional outhouse with stellar views. There is a light complimentary breakfast provided each day with home made goods and fresh coffee. This area does receive 4G AT&T signals at the common areas and tents. There is no electricity in the tents. However, there are charging ports in the common areas for electronics.

Restore and Relax

Alpenglow does not allow guest under the age of 8 to ensure a peaceful and enjoyable experience for all guests. The tent options offer a variety of choices on what your experience in Alaska can be like. Nearby activities such as ice climbing, glacier trekking, ziplining, and helicopter flights put you in the perfect proximity to adventure. Whichever accommodation fits your itinerary, you are sure to enjoy the great outdoors with luxury.